Tuition and Fees

2016 Summer Program
Tuition: $9,228.00 (6 credits)
Housing (double room)*: $3,165.00
Health Insurance (optional)**: $214.00
Student Activity Fee: $99.00
Security Deposit: $225.00 (refundable)
Bard ID Card: $5.00
Communications Fee: $75.00
Total $13,011.00
Fall 2016 Semester 
Tuition: $25,352.00
Housing (double room)*: $6,200.00
Optional Health Insurance**: $582.00
Refundable Facility Deposit***: $225.00
Student Activity Fee: $170.00
Optional Health Services Fee****: $235.00
Bard ID Card: $5.00
Communications Fee: $75.00
Total $32,844.00

Financial Aid / Global Studies Awards

BGIA offers generous Global Studies Awards, competitive awards based on merit and need, to non- Bard College students seeking financial aid. These awards cover a portion of the program tuition. Non- Bard College students must apply for a Global Studies Award when they submit their application to the program. Undergraduate students should check with their home institution to see if their financial aid is eligible to cover the cost of BGIA.

Bard College students cannot receive financial aid for the summer program. 

All students must live on-campus, unless living with a family member in New York City. 

*Single rooms, which are limited, are available at an additional $900/semester, $450/summer.

**Bard College students are billed for a 12-month health insurance plan, which may be waived, as well as a mandatory Health Services Fee, $235 (school year 15-16). Non- Bard College students may waive the Health Insurance and Health Services fees. International students (F-1 and J-1) can not waive the health insurance. 

***Bard College students are not billed for the refundable facility deposit.

****This is not optional for Bard College students who are charged for a year-long health services fee, $470.