BGIA Tuition and Fees

Fall 2019

  Tuition:   $27,500.00 (approximate)
  Housing (double room)*:    $6,600.00 (approximate)
  Student Activity Fee:   $65.00
  Communications Fee:   $75.00
  Bard ID Card:   $5.00
  Total   $34,245.00

Spring 2019

  Tuition:   $27,105.00
  Housing (double room)*:   $6,600.00
  Student Activity Fee:   $65.00
  Bard ID Card:   $5.00
  Communications Fee:   $75.00
  Total   $33,791.00

Summer 2019

  Tuition:   $9,793.00 (6 credits)
  Housing (double room)*:   $3,194.00 
  Student Activity Fee:   $99.00
  Bard ID Card:   $5.00
  Communications Fee:   $75.00
  Total   $13,166.00

* A limited number of single rooms are available for an additional cost of approximately $900/semester, $450/summer.

Additional Fees
Note: These fees apply to both the semester and summer programs unless otherwise indicated.

  Health Insurance1:   $1,217.00 per semester (approximate)
  $574.00 per summer term (approximate)
  Health Services Fee2 (semester only):   $235.00 
  Refundable Facility Deposit3:   $225.00

1 All BGIA students must have health insurance coverage during the program. Students are automatically enrolled in Bard College’s health insurance plan, although enrollment may be waived if the student is determined to have comparable coverage (through self, parent, spouse, etc.). Bard College students are billed for a 12-month health insurance plan each fall (for the amount of $2,828.00) and non-Bard students will be billed for a semester or summer of coverage.
2 Bard College Health Services offers medical and mental health care including treatment for illness and injury and counseling services (individual and group) on Bard’s campus in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY. The Health Services Fee is mandatory for Bard students and billed on an annual basis. Non-Bard students can waive this fee.

3 Bard College students are not billed for the refundable facility deposit. Non-Bard students can request this refund upon completion of the program barring any damage to BGIA, 92Y or internship facilities.