The Internship Program

The Internship Program
Students work 20-25 hours per week at the leading private, public, and nonprofit entities in New York City. This hands-on experience enables students to put classroom theory into real-world practice while exploring career opportunities in international affairs. All students are required to complete a 12-15 week internship during the semester, eight weeks in the summer.

Finding an Internship

BGIA staff help students to match their interests and skill levels with appropriate internship organizations. As interns, students are treated as young hires, given substantive work, and supervised by a staff mentor, who guides and teaches the intern about vital questions in their area of expertise. BGIA faculty structure the Core Seminar: NGOs in International Politics to provide an academic framework for each student to contextualize his or her professional experience.

Click here for a complete list of internship opportunities.

Hear from Our Students

Here are a few things former BGIA students had to say about their internship experience:

Simone Salvo

Bard College, BGIA Spring 2012

"At the Arab-American Family Support Center I was able to combine my interests for social justice and the Arabic language and culture. I interned with the department of Adult Education and Literacy where I was entrusted with instructing an all women’s beginning English language class and tutoring aspiring citizens in American civics. My role at the AAFSC was both challenging and immensely enriching. I gained numerous practical skills that are fundamental to working at any NGO; I witnessed first-hand the the positive differences being made in many peoples lives; and most importantly, my passions and goals were palpably reaffirmed."

Mayra Garay

Emory University, BGIA Spring 2012

"Interning for the Central American Legal Assistance was by far one of my most rewarding internship experiences. I worked with incredibly talented and passionate individuals who encouraged me to learn new skills and put them into practice with the perfect balance of guidance and autonomy. I translated supplemental evidence documents from Spanish and/or French into English and also served as an interpreter for clients in asylum hearings. I also helped research articles and country condition reports to find supporting evidence for client affidavits and briefs. I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to get so much hands on experience in the legal field, despite not even being a law school student."

Rhianna Rey

Oberlin College, BGIA Spring 2011

"Interning for the General Counsel of International Crisis Group was a great experience. I developed my professional skills, as I was responsible for handling a variety of administrative tasks combined with more critical projects. These included drafting a social media policy and editing documents related to multinational litigation, statutory compliance, governance, and insurance issues. In addition, I developed invaluable networks that have helped me pursue further opportunities within the international community."

Yige Wang

Bard College, BGIA Summer 2010

"I am always eager to apply my knowledge to solving real-world issues. During my internship at Oxford Analytica, I conducted extensive research in target industries and companies, and assisted offices across the globe with different projects. I also evaluated and categorized world news for forty different countries, covering aspects such as politics, military and economics. My research, and analytical and communication skills have all been polished tremendously throughout my internship. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity offered by BGIA, from which I have broadened my scope, improved practical skills, and most importantly, engaged in the consulting industry, a career path that I am enthusiastic about pursuing."