For Employers Seeking Highly Qualified Interns

For Employers Seeking Highly Qualified Interns

BGIA is a small and selective program for undergraduates and recent graduates. Demonstrated maturity and professionalism are among our primary criteria for acceptance. BGIA currently sends interns to over 140 organizations, where our students have developed a record of significant achievement. BGIA students work between 20 - 30 hours per week during the semester, and 20-40 hours per week during the summer. Students receive academic credit for their internships, so all internships are unpaid. BGIA staff work hard to match our students with the right internship opportunity, and we provide support to students prior to and throughout their internships so that mentors and students have a constructive experience. 

If your organization is interested in hosting an intern, please contact us directly, via e-mail at bgia@bard.edu, or via phone at 646-839-9262.

Here is what a few internship mentors have to say about BGIA students:

Anne Pilsbury

Esq., Director, Central American Legal Assistance

"We have had interns from most of the [New York] Cityʼs major universities and law schools; Bard/BGIA students are the best. They are motivated, well-informed and focused. Even though still undergrads, they have proven to be resourceful human rights researchers and dependable members of our staff. We even hired one as a full-time staffer and would hire more, funds permitting. BGIAʼs program content and our legal services to asylum-seekers dovetail nicely, giving students a solid academic background in world politics against the actual experiences of arriving refugees."

Giles Alston

Senior Associate, Oxford Analytica

“The quality of our interns has been superlative, a view endorsed not only by their contributions to our office in terms of research, writing and trans-Atlantic teamwork but also by their subsequent career trajectories. The BGIA internship programme offers a genuine exchange of benefits and experience that genuinely enriches both the host organizations and the student to an extent unmatched by any other I am aware of in either New York or London.”

Evie Hantzopoulos

Executive Director, Global Kids

The BGIA interns have contributed much to our programs, which operate in New York City public schools. Each of them has approached their internship very seriously, with an eagerness to learn and contribute to our mission of exposing youth from underserved communities to global affairs, leadership opportunities, and college and career exploration. They have been able to assist staff in the development and implementation of our programs, assessment and evaluation, and supplemental enrichment activities for our youth. Given the dwindling resources many non-profits face, it has been extremely valuable for us to host the interns and maintain our level of quality services."