Past Speakers at BGIA

04-03-2014 Professor Roy Licklider Speaks at BGIA
03-20-2014 Professor Elizabeth Saunders Speaks at BGIA
03-10-2014 Professor Thomas Nichols Speaks at BGIA
11-11-2013 Professor Sussman Speaks at BGIA
10-04-2013 Vanessa Neumann at BGIA
09-24-2013 Kevin Dunn Speaks at BGIA
09-16-2013 LTC Tania Chacho Speaks at BGIA
05-13-2013 Devin Stewart Speakes about Democracy in Asia
03-17-2013 Dahlia Scheindlin speaks as part of the JCCMSS
03-15-2013 Maciej Bartkowski Speaks at BGIA
02-01-2013 Stephen Ezell speaks at BGIA
10-08-2012 Benjamin Schiff speaks at BGIA
09-27-2012 Harvey Molotch Speaks at BGIA
09-17-2012 Fall 2012 James Clarke Chace Memorial Speaker Series Calendar
07-19-2011 BGIA Celebrates Ten Years!
05-06-2011 William DeMars speaks at BGIA
05-05-2011 Payton Knopf Speaks at BGIA
04-19-2011 Elizabeth MacKenzie Biedell speaks at BGIA
03-15-2011 Ambassador Joseph Melrose Speaks at BGIA
02-16-2011 Panel Discusses Future of the Anglo-American Relationship
11-10-2010 Panelists discuss Somalia and Piracy
10-18-2010 Isobel Coleman Speaks at BGIA
04-07-2010 Nicholas Kristof Speaks at BGIA
03-12-2010 Stephen Roach Speaks at BGIA
01-27-2010 Ambassador Holbrooke at BGIA
12-02-2009 Ambassador Haass at BGIA