Admission to BGIA

Applying to BGIA

BGIA is designed for students of all academic majors with a demonstrated interest in international affairs, particularly those entering their third or fourth year of college-level study or those who have recently graduated from college. In exceptional cases, second-year students have also been accepted into the program.


BGIA students are selected through a competitive application process but there is no single requirement that applicants must meet. BGIA candidates may have strong writing and research skills or a track record of leadership on campus and in the community. Foreign language skills and previous work experience are also considered.


Students may enroll for one semester or summer at a time and can extend for a second semester or summer. Please do not hesitate to contact BGIA by phone at 646-839-9262 or e-mail at if you have any questions about admissions and enrollment.


Admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis and each application is evaluated once completed. There is limited space in the BGIA program and students are encouraged to apply early. However, students must apply before March 1 for the summer program, April 1 for the fall semester, or November 1 for the spring semester.